How to Close Online Betting Accounts

On some occasions, betting might be frustrating, giving you a reason to close your account. However, that might be so hard a thing for you to do. Our review gives you in-depth information on closing an account.

Why would you like to close your account?

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Closing an online betting account can be caused by punters having no interest in betting or issues with the betting site. These reasons are and not limited to;

  1. Few games to bet on.

Punters are looking for a site that provides them a wide variety of games to bet. If that does not happen with a given place, they might opt to close it and look for another site.

  1. Low Odds.

Some sites provide games that have very low odds as compared to others. On such realizations, the punter might need to switch from a given account to the other.

  1. Lack of bonuses and promotions.

Quite a good number of sportsbook provides punters with a lot of bonuses as well as promotions. In case a punter happens to know that a site doesn’t offer such promotions, they might need to close their account and look for another site.

  1. Depositing options.

In case the punter realizes that a site has a restricted cash depositing and withdrawal options, they might need to walk out of it. That gives them a chance to look for a website that suits their needs.

  1. Continuous loss.

The primary purpose of betting is to make profits. That might be a different case in such a situation where the punter only loses to the betting site. For that reason, the punter might decide to exit the site first to prevent further loss.

  1. Poor services.

At times a site might not have excellent customer service. That makes it hard for a customer to gain assistance when needed. For that reason, the punter might decide to close his account and look for an alternative.

  1. Insecurity issues.

Some betting sites are prone to hacking and other cybercrimes. That exposes your information to people who can pause insecurity issues to your account. That includes placing your bets with your deposits in your absence as well as withdrawing your money.

Process of Closing Your Online Betting Account

Closing your account is a few steps process that shouldn’t worry you. Nevertheless, when closing an account, you should be aware that on closure, opening another new account might not be possible. For that reason, many sportsbooks offer you several options when you need some time off your betting account. Some give you a break that might last for a few months while others get to the extent of providing you with time-outs and limits. The following steps are necessary when closing any account.

  1. Firstly, you are required to log into your account.
  2. Secondly, you are required to go to the ‘’settings’’ button. Several options will be displayed.
  3. From the options, scroll down to the key “deactivate my account” and click on it.
  4. Read the essential details provided and click continue.
  5. From the dropdown box that appears, select a reason why you want to close your account
  6. After selecting a reason for closing the account, you will receive some conditions in which you are to tick to show contentment.
  7. Click continue, which will tick all the conditions, and your account will be deactivated instantly.

Other than a punter deciding to close an account, the bookie might feel the urge to close an account. That is so frustrating whatsoever. Having settled into a sportsbook and all of a sudden, find yourself locked out. However, that will only happen under the following reasons;

  • Too many wins.

how to close a betting account

 That is a threat to the betting site. The majority of these betting sites are on a business chasing for profits. By having huge winnings, that’s a threat to their profit margin. It’s for that reason the site might decide to freeze your account or even permanently close it. It’s within their rights also if it looks unfair to the punter.

  • Abuse of bonus and promotions.

Bonus and promotions are a way of attracting new customers into the site. The majority of the sites offer tons of gifts to the punters. However, that should not give a reason for abuse. Many bettors only wager on bonuses and not their deposits. For that reason, the site ends up not benefiting in any way from the player. It’s for that reason that the bookie might decide to close your account.

  • Potential arbitrage.

Arbitrage is the act of placing bets on both outcomes of an event that has a vast gap in terms of odds. Punters are most likely to take advantage of such a situation. Regardless of the outcome, the punter is most likely to gain a lot from the result of the game. However, that counts as a significant loss to the betting site as the gambler moves with much of their profits. For that reason, they might take the step of closing your account.

  • Betting weird amounts.

A lot of punters place their bets on non-round wagers. For instance, placing a bet amount of $1.33 as opposed to $ 2.00. Placing such bets makes you a potential arbitrager even if you never meant it. Most of the punters who do that are professional gamblers. They pocket a lot of money from their odd betting process. Since sportsbooks don’t like them, they end up closing their accounts.

  • Opening more than one account

Many sportsbooks discourage the act of owning more than one potential account. However, that is one of the areas people look at. The availability of bonuses and welcome offers makes them desire to have more than a single account to enjoy the rewards. However, many sportsbooks end up developing tools that help in quickly capturing the duplicate accounts. Once a duplicate account is sensed it’s instantaneously closed.

  • How you behave

Many sportsbooks keep an eye on their players, trying to locate professional gamblers. In doing so, they can keep them on toe a way of manning their profits. Professional punters only log into a site, place a bet, and then move on to different locations for the same thing.  It’s in the process that they realize people who spend time on the site and those who don’t. The majority of the sportsbook limits professional punters, and they might end up limiting or even closing their accounts.

  • Ignoring promotional offers and bonuses

Everyone likes free money. However, that’s different from the professional punters. These are people who are only after making profits directly from their bets. They don’t have the time to keep monkeying with the promotional offers from a sportsbook and meeting the wagering requirements to pocket the bonus as that might cost them their money.

Final Remarks About Closing A Betting Account

Closing an account is not the final solution. Therefore, It’s always advisable to look for the various deactivation options that a site provides as you might deem it necessary to come back in the future.